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  • We care about the environment and act on this belief
  • This has a direct impact on how we live and breath
  • We are constantly thinking of ways to reduce our impact on the environment
  • Working to help others achieve their sustainability goals
  • Staying abreast of the key issues that affect the environment in which we live
SPC Advance
JongKyu took on rugged brutal schedule so he could attend SPC Advance at Charlotte early this month. It was really great opportunity to see how other countries handle recycling and composting. While most Koreans are used to undertaking the sorting jo... more
Ingeo Diaper
Recently our boss, Lewis, had a baby. Exciting times but knowing Lewis’s concern for the environment DINZ prepared a special present – sustainable diapers using Ingeo (from Natureworks)! While the young fella wearing them probably won’t have m... more
SPC conference
Lewis recently returned from a SUSTPACK 2015 - sustainable packaging conference in Orlando (actually it was a while ago now – I have just been slack on the blog content!). Orlando was flat but beautiful – just a shame you can’t go swimming in a... more
Gourmet Night Market – closed loop work
When Lewis was back in NZ a little while back he visited a real working closed loop operation run by Kim called the Gourmet Night Market. A great concept that has clearly been welcomed by the Mount community. I thought I would share a link ... more
Two birds with one stone
Our office is located on the 23rd floor.  That is a lot of stops when the elevator is full and if every button is selected it means longer for the next group to wait. So the boss’s practice is to get in and not push any buttons (with the occasi... more