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New Zealand’s K7 butturcup squash arrives at Homeplus and Megamart
Three Good Men have begun supplying Homeplus and Megamart with their newly developed variety of buttercup squash, K7. To commemorate K7's appearance both stores held in-store tasting events. The new squash is characterized by a different textur... more
NZ Buttercup Squash Council – joint promotion with Café Amoje in Korea
Following the 2013, New Zealand Buttercup Squash Council ran joint promotion with Café Amoje (Amoje inc.) also in 2014. Café Amoje runs 50 stores in nationwide which placed at department store’s food section. 7 online news reported this event... more
What do you do with the other half?
Many buttercup squash consumers in Korea get the squash home and use half of it for a stew. But what to do with the rest it they don’t eat it straight away? There are many great options. With the help of Chef Lee JinHo we came up with a few gr... more
Buttercup visits the New Zealand embassy
Our beloved Buttercup visited the New Zealand Embassy to hang out with friends of New Zealand Buttercup Squash Council. There were many examples of great buttercup squash dishes to choose from and a buzz of excitement about the upcoming season. ... more
Buttercup visits Emart with friends
Bringing in a new school term our Chairman made a trip out to Emart to hang out with Buttercup and friends and highlight the great nutritional benefits of New Zealand Buttercup Squash.... more