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AVANZA and Maeil join forces
AVANZA worked together to promote the great flavours of New Zealand Avocado combined with the relatively new offer of Almond Breeze. A combination of in-store tastings and online blog campaign meant the consumer could get close and personal with a n... more
Hong ShinAe welcomes in the New Zealand Avocado season at “Ssalgage by HongShinAe”
New Zealand Avocado and Hong ShinAe, excited by the arrival of the NZ avocados held an event at “Ssalgage by HongShinAe” to celebrate. A new recipe with New Zealand avocado was introduced especially and the customers that day got up close and ... more
Visit New Zealand – the origin of the world’s highest quality deer velvet
Deer Industry New Zealand supported Chunho Food’s promotion with a trip to New Zealand for the winner.  The event was titled “Buy <Velvet & Red Ginseng> product and you can visit the untouched nature of New Zealand where quality velvet... more
Joint Promotion with Dongwon F&B
Avanza teamed up with Dongwon F&B to bring an exciting avocado and salmon recipe to Korean consumers. Dongwon F&B’s premium salmon products proved to be an excellent combination with the taste and texture of fresh NZ avocado. The combinatio... more
AVANZA working with Korea partners with NZ Avocado
AVANZA is working with its Korean partners to deliver the perfect AVOCADO for eating. This effort is focused on two levels, the first is to educate consumers on how and when to eat avocados, and the second working with importers and hypermarkets ... more