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[Conference] Korea’s role in the circular economy

15 8월 , 2017,
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What role can Korea play in the move from a linear to a circular economy? Here are a few bullet points on Korean business:
  • It is the 11th largest global economy.
  • 64 of top 2000 biggest publicly listed companies were Korean when I last checked (Forbes Global 2000)
  • It is the number one ranking country for innovation (Bloomberg’s Global Innovation Index 2017)
  • It is the top ranking country in terms of R&D spend against GDP
  • And it is an IS (IT) powerhouse (a key enabler for the Circular Economy)
In summary, it has a critical role to play.  It is often the case, however, is that companies in Korea that are making the change or genuine effort (ignoring the green washing going on) are not talking loudly enough about it or sharing their experiences. Advocacy will help speed up change and encourage collaboration. Closed doors will not.
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