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  • Marketing strategies built around an understanding of your customer
  • This could be B2B or B2C
  • Work with you to define how your CI will behave in the Korean market
  • Ensure your partners in this market respect your brand value and build on it.
  • Keeping true to your values and image in-market and ensuring that your messages get across to the consumer / business partner
New Zealand Blackcurrants – Now at Your Nearest Emart
Finding your favourite fruit just got easier now that New Zealand (NZBC) Blackcurrants have been released in Emart. They are available in over 120 Emart stores so next time you are shopping, pick one up to enjoy the taste and the substantial health b... more
Amazing avocado tree
On his recent trip to New Zealand Latitude’s manager JongKyu had the chance to visit an avocado orchard in Katikati. More than half of the Avocados in New Zealand are grown in the Bay of Plenty region so JongKyu was able to see Avanza’s very stri... more
New Zealand deer velvet story
Deer Industry New Zealand, AgResearch and Ministry of Primary Industry successfully worked together on a project to carry out interviews for Korean importers of New Zealand velvet. Latitude worked as a project coordinator to meet the needs and wishes... more
Hong ShinAe welcomes in the New Zealand Avocado season at “Ssalgage by HongShinAe”
New Zealand Avocado and Hong ShinAe, excited by the arrival of the NZ avocados held an event at “Ssalgage by HongShinAe” to celebrate. A new recipe with New Zealand avocado was introduced especially and the customers that day got up close and ... more
Lotte Super launches frozen blackcurrant from NZBC
Recently New Zealand Blackcurrant Cooperative joined up with Lotte Super to promote the release of their new frozen blackcurrant range. The consumer was fascinated to learn about the amazing nutritional profile of blackcurrant. The strong flavou... more