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  • We care about the environment and act on this belief
  • This has a direct impact on how we live and breath
  • We are constantly thinking of ways to reduce our impact on the environment
  • Working to help others achieve their sustainability goals
  • Staying abreast of the key issues that affect the environment in which we live
Partner companies
We also use partner companies that share our ethos wherever possible. For example our name cards are produced by BearBetter (bearbetter.net), a company that employs staff with intellectual development disorders. And their service is top notch and... more
Getting around
When getting around Latitude is conscious about our impact on the environment. In most cases that means the subway and frankly in crowded Seoul it is generally a much more effective way of getting to your destination. Where practical we use a ... more
Article: Plastic Recycling in Korea – Improving Efficiency Through Technology Solutions
What really happens to our ‘waste’?  Latitude wanted to get a clearer picture on this as it impacts on our environment and an understanding of the situation is important in order that companies can make informed decisions around how they pac... more
Article: The Bioplastics Industry in Korea – Where to Next
Latitude works with manufacturers, retailers and food service companies on a daily basis.  Packaging considerations are at the forefront of their thinking. What a company chooses to use reflects on their brand and also has an impact on the envi... more