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SBS gets wind of blackcurrant
The New Zealand Blackcurrant Cooperative provided some frozen blackcurrant for the SBS TV team to sample. Based on solid research present by another company using NZ blackcurrant they highlighted a number of areas that blackcurrant consumption prove... more
New Zealand blackcurrant gets celebrity chef endorsement
New Zealand Blackcurrant finds Chef Lee Jinho and famous celebrity Hong discussing the merits of New Zealand Blackcurrants in a popular TV series called “Night Chef”.  ... more
Article: Berry for eye ‘berry’ good
Another article drawing attention to the benefits of blackcurrants for eye health. MaeKyung Health 2013.03.20 (Article link) ... more
Everything you need to know about New Zealand Blackcurrant
Taking the lead in the Korean market the New Zealand Blackcurrant Cooperative put together a web site that would support our partners with the type of information they required and give confidence to consumers who wanted to know more about the ‘Kin... more
Article: Do you know the King of the Berries?
Blackcurrant is commonly referred to as ‘King of the Berries’ and the word is now out in Korea. Joongang Ilbo Health Media – 2013.03.06 (Article link)  ... more