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Amazing avocado tree

30 11월 , 2015,
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On his recent trip to New Zealand Latitude’s manager JongKyu had the chance to visit an avocado orchard in Katikati. More than half of the Avocados in New Zealand are grown in the Bay of Plenty region so JongKyu was able to see Avanza’s very strict but simple system for grading and sorting the fruit after harvesting.
On his tour, there were a number of things that caught JongKyu’s attention. He noticed that the avocados were entirely handpicked and that it took 4 or 5 years for a young tree grow it first fruit. One particular fact that blew JongKyu away was that the avocado tree has different seasons for growing fruit. For example, on one branch there is avocado fruit almost ready to be picked while on the other branch of the same tree there are avocados just starting to flower. Cool huh!?
At any rate this trip reaffirmed to JongKyu that New Zealand is not only a good environment to grow Avocados in but also has very able and skilled farmers required to grow Avocados.Avo-tree-1

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