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Taura – Seoul Food 2015
Latitude provided representation for Taura Natural Ingredients at the Seoul Food 2015 trade show as part of the New Zealand pavilion, and organised promotion of Taura’s new product release in Korea’s leading food and beverage industry newspaper. ... more
Paris Baguette Chocolate Release
Latitude worked together with SPC to develop a delicious set of chocolates (pictured below held by Jun Ji Hyun) using Taura Natural Ingredients’ concentrated fruit pieces. The product was developed especially for Paris Baguette’s Valentine’s Da... more
Orion – Dr You 99 Light bar
Orion became the first of the major confectionary companies in Korea to realise the benefits of using Taura Natural Ingredients concentrated fruit pieces in a cereal bar. This product has been on the market for over a year and remains one of the best... more