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SPC conference

2 4월 , 2015,
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Lewis recently returned from a SUSTPACK 2015 – sustainable packaging conference in Orlando (actually it was a while ago now – I have just been slack on the blog content!). Orlando was flat but beautiful – just a shame you can’t go swimming in any of the great waterways for fear of the crocs!
Lewis took part in a tour of a local WMF (Waste Management Facility) which presented a very different picture to that of Korea where waste is carefully sorted by the consumer before it is collected by government or private companies. See a link to an earlier article that delves into what happens after that at “Article: Plastic Recycling in Korea – Improving Efficiency Through Technology Solutions

I also caught up with a bunch of very cool people who have a passion for sustainable packaging.

We’ll keep working hard at this end to ensure more good packaging options are introduced in Korea.


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