“Life is a journey”

We are all part of a products journey.

We are both the buyer and producer of each and every product we come into contact with.

There are many different forms. The ‘product’ could be a house, a bottle of wine, a pumpkin….

Regardless of its form the product starts from the land, sea or air and is raised or harvested by us.

The product is developed along the way, it changes form and sometimes function with the attention of different hands.

It generally starts with design, the most critical of processes, then gets attention from the technician or more often succession of technicians who mold or build it.

Then it passes to the story teller. The story teller gives it a name and dresses it up.

It then ends up in our hands again to be used and consumed before returning…

…in some form, to where it came from – the land, sea or air.

We, Latitude, are here to help make that journey a positive one. Positive for each of the parties involved in that journey and positive for the environment.

And we have had a lot of fun and success doing this.

We work with innovative and trustworthy companies that are involved at different stages of that journey.

For our partners we bring experience, innovation and honesty to the table and a commitment to ensure your contribution is positive.

– November 2014 –

Taking bold action to shape sustainable living