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  • Marketing strategies built around an understanding of your customer
  • This could be B2B or B2C
  • Work with you to define how your CI will behave in the Korean market
  • Ensure your partners in this market respect your brand value and build on it.
  • Keeping true to your values and image in-market and ensuring that your messages get across to the consumer / business partner
AVANZA kicks off the new season with its Korean partners
In October AVANZA worked with its partners in Korea to get out and meet the consumer and push the amazing New Zealand avocado message. Get down to any of the major retailers and enjoy great quality, nutritious New Zealand Avocado’s from AVANZA. ... more
Deer industry to collaborate with Korean health-food leader
Deer Industry New Zealand signed an agreement with one of Korea’s largest health food manufacturers, the Korea Ginseng Corporation (KGC), to help it develop more products containing NZ velvet antler. Deer Industry New Zealand (DINZ) chief execut... more
Visit New Zealand – the origin of the world’s highest quality deer velvet
Deer Industry New Zealand supported Chunho Food’s promotion with a trip to New Zealand for the winner.  The event was titled “Buy <Velvet & Red Ginseng> product and you can visit the untouched nature of New Zealand where quality velvet... more
Joint Promotion with Dongwon F&B
Avanza teamed up with Dongwon F&B to bring an exciting avocado and salmon recipe to Korean consumers. Dongwon F&B’s premium salmon products proved to be an excellent combination with the taste and texture of fresh NZ avocado. The combinatio... more
New Zealand Avocado launches new Korean web site
Recognising the huge potential of the Korean market for Avocado the The New Zealand Avocado Industry Council is investing in the market. To provide the consumer with basic and easily accessible information on this amazing fruit they have recently la... more