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  • We care about the environment and act on this belief
  • This has a direct impact on how we live and breath
  • We are constantly thinking of ways to reduce our impact on the environment
  • Working to help others achieve their sustainability goals
  • Staying abreast of the key issues that affect the environment in which we live
[Conference] Korea’s role in the circular economy
What role can Korea play in the move from a linear to a circular economy? Here are a few bullet points on Korean business: It is the 11th largest global economy. 64 of top 2000 biggest publicly listed companies were Korean when I last c... more
Latitude’s Offices get a Makeover – a Sustainable one
Latitude's office is located in a building that houses around 2,000 office workers and residents. The lack of a communal bulletin board where second hand items can find new homes is a pity. Fortunately, we have a very kind neighbor who let us know... more
The Circular economy – Popping up everywhere
Latitude's Manager JongKyu lives in Goyang Si, Gyeonggi-do, where there has been a bike sharing system called Fifteen established for its residents. Jonkgyu discovered a very similar system called Biketown in operation when he attended a SPC Advance... more
Innovation & Sustainability for Consumer Packaging Conference
What is innovation? Why is this so important for the environment and what is the overlap with packaging? These are some of the questions Latitude looked to answer through its conference Innovation and Sustainability for Consumer Packaging which t... more
Cookie Sets from our Friends at BearBetter
Our friends from BearBetter gave us an afternoon pick-me up with some delicious and well-crafted snacks. What a generous give from a great company who have provided us with such great service for all these years of working with them. Read more about ... more