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About the conference

From years of scanning their favourite product label to see exactly what was in the pack, consumers are now checking out the pack itself.
The link is increasingly being made between what we buy, the impact on our health, the environmental impact and what the products say about us.
Packaging is a window into your company and is the closest you get to your consumer. The smart companies out there recognize this and are focusing on innovative designs that reflect the broader consumer and sustainable trends.
This conference responds to both companies and organizations that have been looking to better understand the trends and get ahead of the play through innovative, sustainable packaging.
It analyses what innovative packaging means, why sustainability has to be an integral part of a company’s packaging strategy and how to maximize the benefits from this strategy.

A panel of speakers will look to answer the following key questions.
  • What is innovation? What it means to the packaging industry globally and in Korea?
  • Why sustainability? How can sustainability be achieved through innovation? What are the global trends relating to innovation in the packaging industry?
  • How can companies stay abreast of technologies and engage effectively with experts in the field?
  • What innovative approaches should food and packaging material manufacturers take to ensure their products are sustainable? What’s driving innovation elsewhere towards sustainable packaging?
  • How to market “green?” How to draw attention of the consumers to products with sustainable packaging?
  • How should businesses, the consumer and government engage to ensure the full packaging lifecycle is considered?
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