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Larger and more diverse displays
Avanza has succeeded in giving its Korean partners the confidence to move to larger and more diverse avocado displays. Before the 2014/15 season, most hypermarkets would display avocado only in two packs, and in very small amounts in the refrigerated... more
AVANZA working with Korea partners with NZ Avocado
AVANZA is working with its Korean partners to deliver the perfect AVOCADO for eating. This effort is focused on two levels, the first is to educate consumers on how and when to eat avocados, and the second working with importers and hypermarkets ... more
Eland Kim’s Club launches NZ Blackcurrant
The time of the Blackcurrant has come in Korea. It has been knocking on the door of blueberry for a couple of years and has proved its credentials. In 2014 Kim’s Club was looking for something new to offer their customers in their frozen foo... more
NZ Buttercup Squash Council – joint promotion with Café Amoje in Korea
Following the 2013, New Zealand Buttercup Squash Council ran joint promotion with Café Amoje (Amoje inc.) also in 2014. Café Amoje runs 50 stores in nationwide which placed at department store’s food section. 7 online news reported this event... more
Buttercup visits Emart with friends
Bringing in a new school term our Chairman made a trip out to Emart to hang out with Buttercup and friends and highlight the great nutritional benefits of New Zealand Buttercup Squash.... more