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Joint Promotion with Dongwon F&B
Avanza teamed up with Dongwon F&B to bring an exciting avocado and salmon recipe to Korean consumers. Dongwon F&B’s premium salmon products proved to be an excellent combination with the taste and texture of fresh NZ avocado. The combinatio... more
New Zealand Avocado launches new Korean web site
Recognising the huge potential of the Korean market for Avocado the The New Zealand Avocado Industry Council is investing in the market. To provide the consumer with basic and easily accessible information on this amazing fruit they have recently la... more
Larger and more diverse displays
Avanza has succeeded in giving its Korean partners the confidence to move to larger and more diverse avocado displays. Before the 2014/15 season, most hypermarkets would display avocado only in two packs, and in very small amounts in the refrigerated... more
Delicious AVOCADO recipes presented to Korean consumers
AVANVA teamed up with Dongwon and working with Chef Lee JinHo have created a great recipe so the Korean consumer can easily enjoy a delicious and nutritious snack of NZ avocado and Dongwon smoked salmon. ... more
AVANZA working with Korea partners with NZ Avocado
AVANZA is working with its Korean partners to deliver the perfect AVOCADO for eating. This effort is focused on two levels, the first is to educate consumers on how and when to eat avocados, and the second working with importers and hypermarkets ... more