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[Conference] Korea’s role in the circular economy
What role can Korea play in the move from a linear to a circular economy? Here are a few bullet points on Korean business: It is the 11th largest global economy. 64 of top 2000 biggest publicly listed companies were Korean when I last c... more
NZ Deer Velvet Industry teams up with KGC, the Master’s of Red Ginseng.
Korea Ginseng Corporation (KGC), proprietors of the popular deer velvet Cheon-Nok brand, has added two more deer velvet products to the brand's portfolio. Whist KGC were developing the products, Deer Industry New Zealand (DINZ) provided close supp... more
New Zealand’s K7 butturcup squash arrives at Homeplus and Megamart
Three Good Men have begun supplying Homeplus and Megamart with their newly developed variety of buttercup squash, K7. To commemorate K7's appearance both stores held in-store tasting events. The new squash is characterized by a different textur... more
Latitude’s Offices get a Makeover – a Sustainable one
Latitude's office is located in a building that houses around 2,000 office workers and residents. The lack of a communal bulletin board where second hand items can find new homes is a pity. Fortunately, we have a very kind neighbor who let us know... more
NZ Avocado met Korean celebrities and moms
The NZ Avocado Council ( held three online events for consumers and found that avocado's popularity in Korea does not look like abating. The event was held through AIC's official Facebook and Instagram account. The prizes were a... more